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Renviden Skin Restoring CBD Cream is a 100% natural and very effective cream to restore the skin to his natural condition. Within a few seconds after application to the skin, you will experience relief from the irritation.

Apply it as often as you want in a thin layer and in case of very severe skin irritation, you can also cover the cream with a bandage.

Renviden Skin Restoring Cream is packaged in a patented airless tube system. The big advantage is that no metal parts are present, you can dose very accurately and the system cleans itself.

The Skin Restoring CBD Cream has only natural and organic ingredients such as Shea Butter, cocoa butter, sweet almond oil, vitamin E, Pure bergamot essential oil, castor oil, the highest quality CBD and vegetable oil. It has the property to soothe and restore the skin. The cream gives immediate rest to the skin and can be used for the treatment of various irritations.

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Scientists have agreed on the positive effects of cannabinoids on the skin, but there is a great need for research on humans instead of on animals. Studies have been conducted on humans, but these are too small-scale to link scientific conclusions to this.

One of the studies showed that people using CBD cream have a significant reduction in sebum (the oil that causes acne) and redness.

At Renviden we have known for years that CBD cream is the solution for many skin conditions. Try the Renviden Skin Restoring Cream with our unique 100% satisfaction guarantee and convince yourself.

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