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Mouthaan Grafisch Bedrijf (MGB) is a Dutch graphic specialist where high-quality printed matter is simply the standard. They develop and produce specific solutions for graphic issues, if desired, from idea to end product.

MGB has a lot of experience in developing the right packaging and POS material. The focus at MGB is on plastic and cardboard  but they also do productions on 90 gram label paper, the damp Polyart, cardboard from agri-waste, the transparent PET and 3D animations on the lenticular.

Renviden choose MGB to be their partner because they share the same values when it comes to customer satisfaction which can only be achieved with the best products and service.

At MGB innovating, applying new raw materials and developing new techniques fits like a glove.

They have clear communication lines, meaning one contact person for the price, production progress or delivery. They help the customer in converting a feeling for a product to form, use of color and layout through physical or virtual 3D animation, color samples, press testing or just an enlightening conversation.


With their ISO 9001 certification MGB guarantees structural quality control.

The ISO 12647-2 certification is a process standard, which enables them to guarantee optimum color stability during printing and to provide a constant print quality.

The ISO 14001 is the internationally accepted standard with requirements for an environmental management system that was developed by the International Organization for Standardization.

And last but least, the BRC certification BRC-IoP is no stranger to connoisseurs in the food industry. This creates all conditions for the manufacture of packaging with a direct food contact.

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DuSart Pharma is a company that focuses on the research, development, production and distribution of food supplements, nutraceuticals, sports food, cosmetic products and natural medicines (homeopathy and phytotherapy/herbal preparates) while respecting HACCP and GMPnorms. At this moment in time, DuSart Pharma produces approx. 2500 different products, ranging from tablets, capsules, bulk powders, creams, ointments, homeopathy and phytotherapeutic/herbal tinctures, as well as all natural and biological liquid preparates.

Customers can benefit from their wide range, which is normally custom-made for both large and small production runs. They are the ideal partner for products in bulk or customer-specific packages. Customers can also benefit from 60 years of expertise in production and marketing. Their professional customer service is delivered via their headquarters as well as their subsidiaries, with 4000 m2 of production facilities and representatives in more than 20 countries.


R&D – Product development
Because trends are always changing in their market, DuSart Pharma has perfected the ability to respond to the latest developments. They possess the know-how and expertise to translate ideas into concrete products that stand out in the market place. All formulas for new products are based on scientific research and literature, and focus on ‘Unique Selling Points’ (USP).

Their philosophy is to develop successful products in close collaboration with their customers. They are experts in “translating” existing products to meet EU guidelines or can help customers to develop new products for a specific market/customer/target group. As brand owner, they take part in the product development process, which helps them to offer maximum help and assistance to their customers. DuSart Pharma continuously keeps abreast of the very latest developments in terms of laws and regulations. This know-how allows them to develop products that comply with the strict requirements established by the government in the Commodities Act. Their “Research & Development” team consists of experienced specialists and is supervised by a qualified pharmacist.

Please visit the website for further information:

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Plantine is a large vertically integrated Danish producer, manufacturer and distributor of high quality organic hemp extracts to a multi-national market.

Their vision to deliver the highest quality products, to strive to use their innovation and versatility to provide these products to the widest possible markets and to become one of the largest and most respected providers of hemp products internationally and never compromising their humanistic approach, is what appealed to us because it is exactly what Renviden is looking for in a business partner. And so we partnered with Plantine.

Together with Renviden they are among the first European companies working with industrial hemp extractions that have been processed in the cleanest extraction standard worldwide. Plantine selects only the best raw materials from around Europe that are swiftly extracted at their own extraction facilities.

Plantine’s input material used for all products is high-grade European hemp material, with a sound cannabinoid and terpene profile. All of their products are available as Organically Certified or organically grown but not certified.


Renviden’s CBD-oil next generation, the CBD V-liquid for vaping and the CBD capsules have been developed in collaboration with Plantine.

For more information please visit the website of Plantine:


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