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In collaboration with European partners, Renviden develops high-quality and innovative products to bring the body in balance as much as possible. By means of research and online information, the company provides consumers with a need for transparent advice for the best product.

Renviden is the first company that develops and launches high-quality innovative products based on a patented micro-encapsulated full spectrum CBD-oil. The products of Renviden have an up to 52 times higher effect compared to traditional non-encapsulated CBD oil.

Renviden serves the European market from its offices in the Netherlands and England. In order to realize the European growth ambitions, discussions are currently being held with various parties in European countries. Do you see opportunities to operate Renviden locally in one of the other countries in Europe? Send an e-mail to businessdevelopment@renviden.com and get to know the Renviden team and the business opportunities that the Renviden concept offers for your organization.

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Everyone involved in Renviden has experience with the benefits of CBD products. We have done years of research and studied a lot of sensible and nonsensical information. We would like to share the knowledge this has generated for Renviden with everyone who wants to hear it.

Because we at Renviden know that adding natural cannabinoids to your own endocannabinoid system can mean a good balance of body and mind, we believe we have the moral obligation to share this knowledge with you.

Our mission is to help people balance the body by offering innovative products at an affordable price.

These are precisely the reasons why we do what we do.


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